Urban Capital

Spectacularly beautiful condominiums

Urban Capital has a long history as a design-focused trailblazer of beautiful urban residences. With over 9,300 condominiums developed or under development since 1996, currently valued at over $3.7 billion, and recently named one of Toronto’s TOP FIVE real-estate developers, Urban Capital has become widely recognized as an innovator and a trailblazer in the Canadian marketplace. 

To date Toronto, Montreal, Mississauga, Ottawa, Halifax, Winnipeg and Saskatoon have all benefited from the company’s high standards and visionary approach to development. It’s a national plan that not only offers design-focused living concepts, but also typically plants the seeds for flourishing new neighbourhoods.

Reina will be the company’s second project on the Queensway, a follow up to the highly successful Queensway Park currently under construction a few blocks west.

Spotlight Development

Founded over 10 years ago, Spotlight Development specializes in multi-residential development projects and custom home builds across the GTA. Bringing quality projects to multiple cities including Toronto, Richmond Hill, Port Hope and Perry Sound, Spotlight Development’s reputation is rooted in its attention to detail and meticulous craftmanship. With a wealth of projects underway including a high-rise condominium project with Liberty Development, and an affordable housing complex in Ajax, Spotlight Development is emerging as one of the top developers in the GTA.