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Global Citizen

“We live in one of the most diverse cities in the world, and our built environment should reflect that.” - Taya Cook

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Huffington Post

"For those of us who pay attention to real estate development, it’s no secret that the industry is overwhelmingly male ― not only in its gender balance, but often in its ethos, as well….So it’s neither trite, nor insignificant, that Canada’s first all-women developer team is now active, and planning an eight-story condo project in the Toronto borough of Etobicoke" -

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"At the July 10 event, patrons were asked to outline any issues they've experienced or heard of with regards to condo living. They were then divided into teams and asked to come up with ideas as to what they would like to see from Reina. At the end of the evening, each team was asked to design a space of their own” -

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“I know there are so many women involved in real estate development in Toronto, and we’re often not at the forefront of projects, in leadership positions, or visualized, and I think because of that, a lot of women may not enter into the industry.” - Taya Cook to

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The Toronto Star

"As well as redefining the way condos are designed, the women hope Reina’s example will inspire more young women to choose careers in the building industry". - the

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"While improving the visibility of female workers, Cook and Larjani say they also want to improve design. Their project will look at how improvements in spacing, lighting and security can make buildings more welcoming for all residents". -

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The Real Deal

"This project will be the first in Canada developed by an all-female team” - The Real Deal 

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Canadian Architect

“There aren’t many entrepreneurial women coming into the industry on their own. No one took me seriously until I bought my first piece of land,” said Larjani. “We need to give women positive role models and prove that a career in development is a viable path. It’s incumbent upon all of us to change this narrative.” - Sherry Larjani to Canadian Architect

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